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New wheels and winter tires on jeep wrangler
All Out background_black.jpg
Brand new black moto metal wheels
new summer tires for SUV

Having the right tires for seasonal driving, and swapping them for the appropriate weather, helps extend their lifespan and ensures your vehicle is equipped to handle a variety of road conditions. Winter tires perform best at temperatures below 7 degrees C, so when temperatures are consistently above this - it is time to change to your all-season or summer tires.

Conversely, all-season/summer tires perform at their best when temperatures are above 7 degrees, so once we see the temperatures dipping below this it is time to put your winter tires on.

Our vehicle specialists will balance and rotate your tires when it's needed, and the best part is - we can store your tires until it's time to put them back on! Get the right tires for the right price, plus with our Loyalty program - every 6th change over is FREE! Check out the aftermarket rims and accessories, as well as our wide selection of the best tire brands!  For your convenience, we offer a FREE* drop-off and pick-up service, so while you are at work - we can do the work for you!  


*Pick-up/ Drop-off service is FREE within the Battlefords

Tires & Wheels

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